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Rajasthan Solar, Wind & Hybrid Policy-2019:

The Rajasthan government launched new SOLAR, WIND and HYBRID POLICY- 2019 on 19.12. 2019. The Policy aims to achieve a target of 30 GW of solar power by financial year (FY) 2024-25. Of this, utility or grid-scale solar parks will account for 24 GW, distributed generation is expected to account for 4 GW, the solar rooftop will total 1 GW, and solar pumps will make up the remaining 1 GW. The state has also unveiled its Wind and Hybrid Energy Policy, 2019, which aims to achieve 2 GW of wind power capacity to fulfill the renewable purchase obligation (RPO) by FY 2024-25 and 3.5 GW of hybrid power projects by FY 2024-25.

The policy document can be downloaded from here.

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