Rajasthan Rooftop Solar Subsidy Scheme:- 

Rooftop solar installations up to 3 KW will qualify for a subsidy of 40%.For rooftop solar installations above 3 KW and up to 10 KW will get a subsidy of 40% for the first 3 KW and 20% for the remaining capacity, and for installations above 10 kW, it is 40% for the first 3 KW and 20% for the remaining 7 KW. However, there’s no subsidy beyond 10 KW capacities.FY 2024-25.

To know more about the scheme, applicable rates, subsidy process

download the scheme document.


There are 100+ vendors empanelled by RRECL for installation of SOLAR Projects under the subsidy scheme.To know more about the terms  and  conditions and get the details of empanelled vendor in your Discom.

Please download the Rate contract.

Rajasthan Solar, Wind & Hybrid Policy-2019:The Rajasthan government launched new SOLAR, WIND and HYBRID POLICY- 2019 on 19.12. 2019. The Policy aims to achieve a target of 30 GW of solar power by financial year (FY) 2024-25. Of this, utility or grid-scale solar parks will account for 24 GW, distributed generation is expected to account for 4 GW, the solar rooftop will total 1 GW, and solar pumps will make up the remaining 1 GW. The state has also unveiled its Wind and Hybrid Energy Policy, 2019, which aims to achieve 2 GW of wind power capacity to fulfill the renewable purchase obligation (RPO) by FY 2024-25 and 3.5 GW of hybrid power projects by FY 2024-25.

The policy document can be downloaded from here.

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