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About the Subsidy Scheme:- 

The Government approved Phase-II of „Grid Connected Rooftop and Small Solar Power Plants Programme‟ for achieving cumulative capacity of 40 GW RTS plants.

How much is Subsidy ?:- 

The CFA has been restructured and higher CFA up to 40 % will be given for RTS systems up to 3 kW capacity. For RTS systems of capacity above 3 kW and up to 10 kW, the CFA of 40% would be applicable only for the first 3 kW capacity and for capacity above 3 kW the CFA would be limited to 20 %. The residential sectors users may install RTS plant of even higher capacity as per their requirement and the respective SERC regulation; however, the CFA would be limited for first 10 kWp capacity RTS plant.



What is the total capacity allocated for Rajasthan ?

Total capacity allocation for Rajasthan state for current Year 2022 is 55 MW (25 MW- JVVNL, 15 MW- AVVNL , 15 MW- JdVVNL). 


How many people get benefitted of the subsidy scheme ?

Approx. 9000 Nos. of households will get benefitted by the scheme. 4000 from JVVNL, 2500 from AVVNL and 2500 from JdVVNL.

Who is the Nodal Agency for implementation of the scheme ?

AVVNL (Ajmer Discom) is the nodal agency and will implement the project on the behalf of all the three discoms.

Is there any list of empanelled Vendors for the subsidy Scheme ?

Yes, there are list of vendors empanelled with the nodal agency, who are authorized to work under the subsidy scheme. Beneficiary can avail the subsidy benefit only if the project is installed through empanelled vendor. Please fill the form, we will assist you or you can download the list from 

How the subsidy amount be calculated ?

Subsidy or Central Financial Assistance (CFA) will given as percentage of benchmark cost or cost discovered through competitive process, whichever is lower). For example, at the time of tendering the Benchmark price for project capacity of >3 KW -10 KW was 40,991/ KWp and the L1 rates for JVVNL & AVVNL/JdVVL are 40,991/KW and 41990/KW respectively. Hence, the subsidy will be given on 40,991/KW for all the three Discoms, Hence, the simple Subsidy Calculation would be:-

40% up to 3 KW, which means for the slab up to 3KW the subsidy per KW= Rs.16,396.4

20% above 3 KW & up to 10 KW; for remaining capacity, the subsidy per KW= 8198.2


Simply speaking; For the project of 3 KW; subsidy would be = Rs. 16,396.4 X3 = Rs 49189.2/-

For any project above 3 KW, the subsidy would be= (49189.2 )+ (Project Size- 3 ) X 8198.2

Hence for the project capacity of 6 KW; total Subsidy customer will get will be Rs. 49189.2 + (6-3) X 8198.2 = 49189.2 + 24594.6 = Rs. 73783.8 /-


Total Project Cost :- For a project of 6 KW in Ajmer Discom; the cost would be

Project Cost Excluding GST= 6X 41990= Rs. 251940/-

Project Cost Including GST at 13.8% = 286707.72


Additional cost would be Solar Meter/Net-Meter, Discom Charges, High Rise Structure or any other customization or fees mutually agreed between beneficiary & vendor.


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