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On 04 December 2020, MNRE introduced and issued guidelines for implementation of feeder level solarization under Component-C of PM-KUSUM Scheme. Under the scheme, agriculture feeders already segregated or, feeders having major load for agriculture may be solarized using installation of grid connected solar power plant to cater the annual power requirement of feeder(s). This will lead to lower cost both in terms of lower capital cost and cost of power. As per MNRE guidelines for feeder level solarization, the requirement of total annual power for an agriculture feeder(s) is to be assessed and a solar power plant of capacity that can cater to the requirement of annual power for that agriculture feeder(s) can be installed either through CAPEX mode or RESCO mode, which will supply solar power to that feeder(s).

The objective of SKAY(Saur Krishi Ajivika Yojna by Rajasthan Discoms) is to utilize state’s abundant land resources by giving farmers / land owners an opportunity to lease out their barren / unutilized land on pre-fixed lease basis for setting up of solar power plant. Rajasthan Discoms have developed a dedicated online portal where farmers / land owners can register their land for leasing out for setting up solar power plant. Solar power plant developers can also register on the portal to reach out to the registered farmers / land owners.


The portal ( will act as a facilitator where interested farmers / land owners and solar power plant developers can collaborate to arrange land for a solar power plant on RESCO mode in the vicinity (preferably within 5 KMs radius) of identified 33/11 kV substations of Rajasthan Discoms as envisaged under PM-KUSUM Component C (Feeder level solarization).

Salient features of Saur Krishi Ajivika Yojna under PM-KUSUM Component C (Feeder level solarization):- 

  • Rajasthan Discoms has already identified 33/11kV substations having primarily agriculture consumers on its 11kV feeder(s) and assess the substation wise Solar Power plant(s) capacity to be set up under PM-KUSUM Component C (Feeder level solarization).

  • All such proposed solar power plants’ list along with GPS coordinates of relevant substation of Discom is available on the portal.

  • Interested farmers / land owners who meet the eligibility criteria can apply online regarding their willingness to lease out their land for setting up solar power plant by developer.

  • In case of multiple ownership of one land parcel / area OR, group of farmers / land owners intending to register their group of land, all such farmers / land owners need nominate one of such farmer / land owner to submit the application on the portal and upload Power of Attorney (PoA) in favor of nominated farmer / land owner on the portal.

  • One land parcel / area can be registered against only one substation / plant location.

  • All applicants are required to make online payment of non-refundable registration fee without which application will not be considered.

  • Duly completed applications will be verified by Discoms' concerned field office.

  • A survey (in prescribed format) of the land & other credentials shall be carried out jointly by Discom field office and applicant or, their authorized representatives.

  • A broad connectivity diagram from land location to the substation will also be prepared by the same field office of Discom.

  • Discom(s) to float tenders for selection of RESCO developers for setting up solar power plants.

  • Any participating developer, in the bids invited by Discoms, shall NOT be bound to select the required land for any solar PV plant under the scheme from the list of land parcels shared by Discoms and therefore shall be free to identify as well as procure alternative land on their own.

  • Developers can collaborate with registered farmers / land owners by executing land lease agreement for 26 years or, arrange required land on their own for setting up solar power plant.

  • Successful developer shall be eligible for prescribed CFA from MNRE as per the modalities of Component C (feeder level solarization) under PM-KUSUM scheme.

  • Discoms shall procure the power from selected developer(s) at discovered levelized tariff for 25 years.

  • Developer to pay the agreed lease rent amount to the farmer / land owner or, authorized individual directly as per agreement payable during plant installation and commissioning phase (i.e. 9 months from award of contract).

  • Discoms to pay the applicable land lease rent directly to the registered farmer / land owner or, authorized individual and will recover the same from the monthly energy payables to developer after commissioning of the solar power plant.

  • The applicable lease rent under the scheme shall be payable to the farmer / land owner / authorized individual only after meeting following conditions:

  1. Work for setting up a solar PV project on the referenced land is awarded to a developer by Discom,

  2. The selected developer has executed Bi-party land lease agreement with the farmer / land owner for the land registered on the portal and furnish the same to designated Discoms' office.

  • Merely registration of land on the dedicated portal for the scheme shall not entitle the land owner to receive the lease rent.

  • Discom will not be a party in the lease agreement and will only act as a facilitator for land lease amount payment i.e. developer to bear the lease amount.

  • It shall be responsibility of the farmer / land owner to offer land of clear title, free from litigation and any incumbrances. For any false information or legal issues arises at any later stage, the farmer / land owner shall be responsible and no compensation / damages shall be paid by Discoms / Developers.

  • The Developer shall be responsible for verification of land ownership / information submitted by farmer / land owner and check for any litigation / disputes / any other issue(s) prior to execution of land lease agreement.

  • Under NO circumstances, Discom will be a party and/or, held responsible for any loss or, dispute arising between the farmer / land owner and the developer.


Eligibility condition for land owners for registration on the portal:- 

  • Any land owner (including but not limited to individual / Group of farmers, Registered co-operative Societies, organizations / associations / Institutions, etc).

  • Interested farmers / land owners (single / group) may register minimum 1 (one) hectare continuous land parcel.

  • In case of group of farmers / land owners, only one person to be nominated by the group with proper Power of Attorney (PoA) in favour of the nominated person.



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