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BIS Extension for SPV Inverter till 31.06.2021

Solar Energy Federation, Power Products Manufacturers & Traders Association and industries have conveyed to this Ministry the constraints and difficulties due to COVID 19 disruption, high testing fee and availability of limited test facilities which are capable of testing up to 150 kW capacity SPV inverters and have sought more time for compliance, the self-certification for SPV inverters (items 4-5) stands extended from 31.12.2020 to 30.6.2021 subject to the condition that such manufacturers have valid IEC certificates corresponding to IS (IS 16221(Part 2):2015/IEC 62109-2:2011 for item No. 4 and IS 16169:2014/IEC 62116:2008 for item No. 5) specified in the said order for these items and test reports from international test labs, for smooth implementation of the order.

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