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"Rajasthan Budget 2021 is Balanced and Growth Oriented"- Ajay Yadav (President - REAR)

The Rajasthan Budget 2021 is very balanced and growth oriented. It has made several positive announcements regarding small industries, agriculture, startups, green energy and electricity such as subsidies for startups, and assistance, separate agricultural budget for farmers, solar pumps, subsidy etc and the announcement of creating a separate power distribution company for agriculture which seems to be impractical right now but the central government is also of the view to delicense the power distribution, hence this will be the possibility after enactment of Electricity Amendment Bill 2021.

Apart from this, the announcement regarding grant on the purchase of electric vehicles is a positive initiative in promoting solar energy and electric vehicle. Also, the announcement to build a green corridor and to consider new energy policy also reflects positive thinking for renewable energy. Congratulations to the Honorable Chief Minister on behalf of the REAR RENEWABLE ENERGY ASSOCIATION.

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