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REAR has contributed more than expected in the field of renewable energy in less than 2 years.

The formation of REAR Renewable Energy Association had an objective of the growth in renewable energy sector by focus on skill development, capacity building, quality improvement, technological progress, and target achievements in the sector.

REAR first choose the sector which was most ignored and neglected according to India's target of 175GW of renewable energy by 2022 i.e. Rooftop Solar. This month India has achieved the target of setting up 100 GW renewable energy plants which is a proud moment for all of us.

"To promote renewable energy in the country, we have to promote battery storage at the right time so that every home can become the center of distributed generation, which will enable solar energy. Even if energy production increases, its impact on the grid should not be much. To promote distributed generation and battery storage, the government should subsidize hybrid and battery storage systems and not on-grid systems. Apart from this, if the government wants to see Rooftop Solar growing, then the focus should be on technology, not on subsidy, so that the beneficiary can take advantage of latest technology of his choice like MONO PERC Panel, Micro Inverter, Hybrid System and should not be forced to take outdated technology just to get the advantage of subsidy".
-REAR Renewable Energy Association

As far as ground mounted solar and wind power plants are concerned, both have achieved about 40 GW against their target of 60 GW which is about 65% of their target, but when have a look at rooftop solar power, we find that less than 5 GW plants have been installed in that area, that is, only 12% of the target.

Even after such a poor performance in Rooftop Solar Sector, the government decided to restrict net metering to only 10 kW, after which REAR along with other organizations and institutions in the country raised their point for allowing net metering up to 500 kW before the Government of India and other related ministries and finally, Ministry of Power gave permission to implement net metering up to 500 KW.

Till now the main focus of REAR has been rooftop solar and we started by bringing all the rooftop companies of Rajasthan on one platform and made every effort for the successful implementation of Rooftop Power Generation Scheme 2019-20 of Rajasthan, whether it is to make the vendors aware about the exact cost and problems faced in the projects so that they fill the right price in the tender so that subsidy scheme will be successfully completed and every beneficiary can get its benefit.

The objective of REAR is to work in coordination with Vendors, Implementing Agency (RRECL) and Discoms. Ease of installation of solar power plants, whether it is to ensure deadlines for net metering, load extension, meter testing or to set up projects on time under subsidy scheme.

It has been less than 2 years since the formation of REAR, but with our dedication, hard work, and understanding, we give our best to the renewable energy sector.

We always given our suggestions & comments to the government and regulatory commissions in all the policies related to not only renewable energy but also any relevant policy decision related to power sector and which were appreciated and accepted.

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