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REAR requests RRECL to provide support to empanelled vendors under Solar Subsidy Scheme

REAR requested on behalf of all empanelled vendors under Rooftop Solar Subsidy Scheme that since vendors are facing a lot of issues like covid19, economic slowdown, material price hike be it DCR modules or mounting Structure ( due to steep rise in Iron rates), liquidity crunch, non-availability of material like meters, modules etc. Despite these many issues they are trying hard to complete their target and make the scheme successful.

They, however, are not getting any desired support from either Nodal agency, Discom or MNRE. They are struggling hard to put their concerns and get some resolutions but rather than providing any resolutions, RREC just stopped accepting/approving DPRs after 10.12.2020 without any prior notice to the vendors.

Vendors are struggling at the every stage of project i.e. from project booking, procurement, approvals from Discom, net metering, project sanction, Inspection and finally subsidy release.

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