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REAR started Solar Rooftop Acceleration Mission (SRAM) for promotion & growth of Rooftop Solar in Rajasthan

To increase large scale adoption of Rooftop Solar in Rajasthan, Renewable Energy Association of Rajasthan (REAR) has started a mission called SRAM (Solar Rooftop Acceleration Mission) in Rajasthan. The mission pathway would include regular Awareness Campaigns, Policy Advocacy, Industry Engagement, Technical Workshops, Discom & Vendor collaboration & Collaboration with ancilliary service providers. Complete mission includes :-

  • Awareness Campaign :- Bring awareness about the ongoing Govt. Policies and benefits of going solar thorugh door to door awareness campaign, canopy display, social media, news papers and other physical, digital, electronic of print medium.

Solar Rooftop Acceleration Mission (SRAM) by REAR
Awareness Campaign by REAR

  • Policy Advocacy:- Advocating for a progressive solar rooftop policy involves engaging with government officials and regulatory commissions to promote the adoption of favorable policies that support solar energy development.

  • Industry Engagement:- Industrial sector should choose renewables over conventional. Our focus is to engage MSMEs with sufficient rooftop area so that Solar can fulfill theier power requirement with benefit of Net Metering, Gross metering or behind the meter on case to case basis.

  • Technical Workshops:- Technical workshops involving all industry stakeholders like EPC Players, Beneficiaries, NBFCs and others are also in our to do list wherein all stakeholders could discuss with each other and understood theintricacies of each other and how could these be resolved for mutual benefit of all.

  • Discom & Vendor Collaboration:-EPC Vendors play a key role in the growth of Rooftop Solar industry as they are the front runner. Second is Discom which the key driver or nodal agency for process involved in it. Collaboration between both of them may prove to be beneficial for the growth of the Rooftop Solar industry. 

  • Collaboration with ancialliry service providers:- There are various other services and their providers which can help in strealining the complete value chain and smothen and fasten the growth of Rooftop Solar. These includes NBFCs/Banks for financing, Engineering service providers, Consultants, Software providers etc. We will collaborate with them.

To know more about the mission or Join the mission visit :-

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