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How to apply for solar subsidy in Rajasthan ?

Roof Top Solar systems of capacity up 10 KW are eligible for subsidy up to 40% depend up on the project capacity. The subsidy will be applicable as follows:-

  • CFA @ 40% for capacity up to 3 kWp

  • CFA @ 20% for capacity beyond 3 kWp and up to 10 kWp

  • CFA @ 20% for GHS/RWA capacity up to 500 kWp (limited to 10 kWp per house and total upto 500 kWp)

Domestic manufactured modules and Solar cells means DCR modules are to be used in the projects to avail the subsidy on solar project.

CFA shall be on % of benchmark cost of MNRE for the state/ UT or lowest of the costs discovered in the tenders for that state/ UT in that year, whichever is lower Implementing agency : Power Distributing companies (DISCOMs)

The projects above 3 kW and up to 10 kW, the CFA of 40% would be applicable only for the first 3 kW capacity and for capacity above 3 kW the CFA would be limited to 20 %. The residential sectors users may install RTS plant of even higher capacity as per their requirement and the respective SERC regulation; however, the CFA would be limited for first 10 kWp capacity RTS plant.

There are list of vendors empanelled with the nodal agency, who are authorized to work under the subsidy scheme. Beneficiary can avail the subsidy benefit only if the project is installed through empanelled vendor.

or call:- 9214444400 / 8299519741 or write to us at

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