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RRECL allocated additional capacity to the vendors under Rajasthan Rooftop Solar Subsidy Scheme

RRECL allocated additional capacity of around 2 MW to 18 vendors of JVVNL Discom, 479 KW to 3 vendors of AVVNL Discom and 1.1 MW to 8 vendors of JdVVNL Discom. These vendors have been give time of 7 days to accept the capacity and submit the security deposit for the same.

In the previous developments, RECL extended Project Completion Schedule up to 17.09.2021 for Projects under SOLAR SUBSIDY SCHEME in Rajasthan. The last date to submit the project sanction documents (DPR) by empanelled vendors is also extended till 31.08.2021.

The time extension granted as per the MNRE extension for the projects sanctioned under Rooftop Subsidy Scheme Phase -II.

REAR in its letter to MD, RRECL requested to grant extension in line with MNRE's notification for extension up to 4 months due to COVID19.

By this capacity allotment and time extension; around 200-300 people in JVVNL, 60-70 people in AVVNL and 100- 150 people in JdVVNL could get the benefit of Rooftop SOLAR SUBSIDY SCHEME under RTS Phase-II of MNRE.

RRECL also requested Discoms to issue the necessary instructions to the Field Officers for expediting the activities like issuance of NOC, load extension, testing of Meters and net metering of projects for installation of Rooftop SPV systems. The copies of SCO/MCO shall be also provided to the beneficiaries/ empanelled vendors as it is a mandatory document to be submitted by the vendors along with the Subsidy claim documents as a proof of Net Metering of the System.


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